Animal Bedding



Premium Straw, Sawdust & Shavings

Tudor Industries proudly brings to you, a high-quality animal bedding called Equilocks produced for farm-owners and animal breeders who are looking for a superior bedding product.

We use wood shavings along with a unique environmentally-friendly blend of chopped straw and wood fines that is fluffy, absorbent, and looks attractive in any stall, big or small. Equilocks blends are absorbent, easy to move and muck and also have a great “second-life” that can help with recycling manure. We believe the used bedding becomes an eco-substance because it speeds up the decomposition process as well as not disturbing the PH levels of the soil beneath it.

It can be spread over fields or made into compost.

Our bedding is used for horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens and other animals.

Equilocks animal bedding is available in bags that are easy to transport and store. They can be picked up at our Brantford, Ontario facility, or we deliver all types of bedding in bulk, dropped containers, or by 120-yard walking floor trailers. We ship to destinations across the US and Canada.

Bagged->40-45lb./bag x 45 bags/skid x 24-26 skids/ T/L


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For those customers that prefer Wheat Straw only; Tudor Industries offers chopped, de dusted and compressed bags.

Bagged -> 22-30lb./bag x 45 bags/skid x 26 skids/ T/L


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