Tudor Industries brings to you a 100% recycled wood bio fuel called Bio-Bric

Reasons To Use Bio-Bric

  1. Clean green energy source
  2. Long burning
  3. Minimal ash
  4. No feeding system
  1. Rises to high temperature
  2. Lower CO2 emissions
  3. No fungus, mold or bugs
  4. Easy to transport and use


Perfect for all wood-burning stoves and furnaces!

For heating purposes only.

Tudor Industries proudly presents Bio-Bric, an eco-friendly energy source that gives clean, powerful heat and is a less-polluting alternative to traditional sources of energy like oil and coal.

Bio-BricMade of 100% compressed wood chips, Bio-Bric repurposes new and discarded wood products, and helps free up landfill space, extending the life cycle of a tree. What’s more, Bio-Bric takes less energy to manufacture than the extraction of traditional energy sources.

Bio-Bric can be used by consumers to heat homes with wood burning stoves or furnaces, and by industry to fuel product manufacturing. The long-burning Bio-Bric doesn’t require the special feeders that wood pellets/corn kernel do. They produce minimal ash, and have no fungus, mold or bugs, and are easy to store.

Bio-Bric is available in 22 lb bags for consumer use or in bulk for industrial use.

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